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At DWH Creative Contracting Inc, safety is number one. Dustless blasting does not produce any toxic plume it is the safest method of surface preparation available. It is also the most economically friendly technique available when undertaking hazardous materials, such as lead or asbestos containing paints, restoration, and surface stripping work. Dustless Blasting’s wet delivery method suppresses dust. Due to the lack of any toxic output dustless blasting is a method that is safe to use regardless of the surroundings. When it comes to inside work, DWH has vast experience in building containments, all projects will have a dedicated environment control and a water control plan. Protecting all jobsite personnel is always our utmost concern.


Dustless blasting is effective due to the nature of its application. Water is mixed with an abrasive inside the blast tank. The purpose of this is to prevent any of the abrasive media or stripped material from becoming airborne. The water encapsulates all offending matter which then falls to the ground. This greatly reduces the need for expansive containments and extensive clean-up time afterwards.
One major advantage of dustless blasting is that not only does it strip the surface we are working on, but it in fact cleans the surface too, in doing so eradicating any potential contaminants on the surface that may result in rust. The use of rust inhibitor can further help with this issue. Dustless blasting allows us to complete projects using less abrasive material, more quickly and safely.



Dustless Blasting is an extremely efficient method of surface restoration. It is a method that can be used on virtually all manner of surfaces. With our new equipment we can adjust the pressure according to the type of surface and the level of finish requested.
This method of cleaning can help in restoring wooden beams, decks, or siding. We can clean sidewalks, driveways, parking lot stripping, concrete exterior, and interior walls. Dustless blasting is an effective method of removing thick heavy painted coated surfaces and unwanted graffiti from walls and even pool plaster.
This system will also remove rust from re-bar, structural columns, steel beams and deliver any level of architectural concrete finish needed. Using this technique, we can also tackle larger scale projects. With a reach of over 250 feet, we can assist with projects involving oil rigs and refinery maintenance. We can also help restoring and cleaning heavy industrial equipment that may have fallen into disrepair. Dustless blasting creates no ignitable sparks, it is safe to use on live pipelines and near active workers

A Perfect Addition to Our Services

Dustless Blasting is a natural addition to our list of services. This revolutionary advancement in the field of abrasive blasting has endless potential. Our team would be happy to discuss your project needs, provide pricing and mockups. We hope you will contact DWH with any questions or opportunities that arise.  925-595-5121   925-381-3612

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