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Shrink Wrapping


Shrink wrapping is considered one of the best effective ways to protect areas from over exposer to dust being created by Abrasive Blasting, removal of Hazardous Materials and of course weather protection on your construction or industrial sites.

  • Shrink Wrap Covers for Large Building protection from wind and rain

  • Wrap Walls, Scaffolding & Buildings for Containment Coverages

  • Roof Shrink Wrap Services

  • Storm Damage & Emergency Shrink Wrap Services

  • Containments for Lead Paint Removal

  • Industrial Shrink-Wrapping Services - Covers for Dust Protection & Containment

  • Marine shipbuilding, aircraft, ships, yachts

  • General construction

  • Hospitals, universities, government projects

  • Restoration projects (bridges, walkways, stairs, treatment plants)

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